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AvantGarde Ratings
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We are acting as a market intelligence platform that provides transparent and sound investment options as well as indices for the cryptocurrency market performance.

Our AVG 50 is a market cap weighted portfolio comprising of 50 cryptocurrencies/tokens. 50% of our portfolio is allocated to our smart hedging mechanic while the remaining 50% are market capitalization weighted.

The AVG 50 is a portfolio that aims to maximize returns while minimizing risk. We approached the portfolio problem in a different way. The portfolio uses a 50% hedging mechanism by placing half of the assets in DGD and USDT.

Team Members
Richard Bennett CEO and Co-founder
Michael Schneider PhD CFO and Co-founder
Nikita Ivanov CTO and Lead Developer
Sarah Taylor Marketing Director
Jack Li Chief Risk Officer
Token Platform
Ethereum Ether (ETH) Blockchain
Token Supply Total
150,000,000 AVG
Country Base
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
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