Hedge Token

Hedge will enable everyone to participate in the crypto markets in efficient and accessible way
Project Overview
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Project name
Hedge Token
Ticker (Symbol)
Timeline (UTC)
2017/09/15 0:00 2017/10/15 0:00
Raised (Symbol)
50,000 ETH

Hedge Project is focused on developing the ideal platform to serve as a backbone for diversification through our flagship products, Crypto Traded Indices (CTIs), and hedging through different instruments. Our platform will enable crypto investors to manage the risk exposure they have on the market confidently. Furthermore, Hedge Project is in process of launching set of professionally designed indices for crypto market – first such indices to serve as a base for construction of cryptocurrencies baskets.

Team Members
Janez Benedik
Luka Gubo
Giovanni Lesna
Kristjan Dekleva
Savo Lovšin
Gašper Štih
Matic Nedog
Jure Grabnar
Matej Zrimšek
Leo Ajdinovic
Primoz Novak
Klemen Gantar
Token Platform
Ethereum Ether (ETH) Blockchaim
Token Supply Total
50,000,000 HDG
Country Base
Republic of Slovenia
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