Earn tokens by winning at videogames!
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SUPERIUM is a digital coin that allows you to earn money playing and winning videogames. All you have to do is register on the official site or download the smartphone APP, create your own Wallet and start playing any video game that supports SUPERIUM CONNECT, a technology that allows users, registered in SUPERIUM to login to video games. With every win, you get other SUPERIUMS.

Thanks to SUPERIUM, it will be possible to access premium features such as additional challenges, official tournaments and offers for special content purchases such as DLC or additional items.

Videogames have spread worldwide: in 2010, consumers spent 17.5 billion dollars in this sector, this amount grew year after year and reached 30.4 billion dollar by 2016. 67% of American families own at least a device used to play videogames, while 53% of titles support multiplayer mode. The average age of players is 35 years. 155 million Americans play videogames regularly (for at least three hours a week). Not only: the international Olympic committee, in 2020, will decide whether to introduce videogames in the 2024 Olympic games which will be held in Paris. These are huge numbers: but what would happen if every player could earn while having fun? SUPERIUM comes from this idea.

Thanks to SUPERIUM, new tournaments will be available every day for PREMIUM users, here it will be possible to win additional tokens, compared to the simple matchmaking. Winning tournaments, which are divided by category and type, you will be able to access special qualifications for following events. There will also be updated rankings, relating to samples of each platform and genre of videogames, this will keep you updated on general status of the victories.

Developers can also create tournaments involving third-party sponsors to brand events and make them more appealing to the players. The GRAN SUPERIUM will take place on a weekly basis, it is a tournament with no entry limits and with a bigger number of prize tokens, not only for the first placed but also for the other players who enter the top 100.

Using the blockchain will make any hacker attack on the SUPERIUM platform useless. All data concerning the matches played, the players and the videogames used will be available online. The system will analyse the duration of each game, the number of wins and losses, the accesses to SUPERIUM accounts and much more, avoiding inconsistencies and hacking attempts.

Thanks to SUPERIUM, it will be possible to access premium features such as DLC or additional items.

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