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2018/02/14 0:00 2018/03/19 0:00
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180,000,000 VIT

A 3D marketplace that allows users to create and share virtual reality (VR) experiences, ViMarket promises to bring about a much-needed breakthrough in the global e-commerce ecosystem. The VR technology utilized by ViMarket is utilized in online games to offer unprecedented confidence and value to the shoppers while making a purchase from any of their internet connected devices. With its proprietary editor, ViMarket allows users to create interactive, photorealistic VR simulations regardless of their professional experience or training. At present, the primary areas of focus for ViMarket are the real-estate and interior decoration sectors. However, very soon, it is expected to include fashion, automotive and ultimately all e-commerce verticals.

Team Members
David Drake Founder - LDJ Capital Inc
Will Fang Advisor
Joe Daniels Advisor
Matt Hagge Advisor
Keith Kaplan Advisor
Feroz Sanaulla Advisor
Younghoon Lee Advisor
Kant Jain Chief Visionary
Prudence McNellis Marketing Visionary
Guy Robert Technical Visionary
Laurent Velazquez Creative Visionar
Richard Westbrook Development Visionary
Simeon Mladenov Development Visionary
Kseniia Ovchynnykova Community Visionary
Sergey Kuznetov Development Visionary
Token Platform
Ethereum Ether (ETH) Blockchain
Token Supply Total
250,000,000 VIT
Country Base
United Kingdom
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